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Nicholas Hutchison in conversation with Rahul Basak on PEP TALKS WITH RAHUL

PEP Talks with Rahul is a podcast initiative taken by Mr. Rahul Basak, to explore various creative people from all across the globe. In this 2nd episode of this amazing podcast from Kolkata, Indian, the guest speaker will be Mr. Nicholas Hutchison (Founder of BookThinkers).

Mr. Nicholas Hutchison is from Greater Boston, US. He is one of the famous Book Reviewer. He specifically review the books in Personal Development and Business.

Rahul and Nicholas are going to have a conversation on "The name of the magic is called: BOOK"

The podcast will be soon uploaded on all the major platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts and many more global platforms. Click here to find the links.

Or else you can listen directly from our RSS feed on this website, without any apps. Click here for that.

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