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PEP Talks with Rahul is a uniquely designed podcast, hosted by Rahul Basak.

This podcast is widely focused on International communication and is also available on

various international podcasting platforms.

Rahul focuses on finding out the stories from various interesting people from all across the world because Rahul believes no matter where do we live in this world, but our stories have the power to inspire each other in a beautiful way. 

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Claude Silver  on PEP talks with Rahul.png
Nicholas Hutchison on PEP Talk with Rahul.png

Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia

New York

Nicholas Hutchison

Founder of BookThinkers

Greater Boston

Ritam Bhatnagar.jpg

Ritam Bhatnagar

Founder of India Film Project



We are everywhere! Listen to these amazing stories.

Pep Talks with Rahul Basak
Pep talks with Rahul Basak
Pep talks with Rahul Basak

And to other major platfromsacross the world.

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