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Who is Rahul Basak

Rahul Basak is a serial entrepreneur, Co-founder, and CEO of "Amar Canvas ®", 

Co-founder and Chief Editor of "My Canvas Talk," Founder and Host of the international podcast "PEP Talks with Rahul". Recently My Canas Talk was awarded as the winner in the "Entrepreneurship Conclave" by "The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry"

Rahul is also an internationally renowned keynote speaker, featured on TEDx (3-Times), Josh Talks,

Dev Talks (Google Developers Program), Space Talk (NASA Space Space Apps Challenge India),

Multiple IITs, NIT, The Department of Science & Technology of Indian Government, and also to more than 60 organizations nationally and internationally.

Rahul is also a nationally recognized documentary photographer, whose primary goal is to make photographs of different fields of human psychology. His works were featured as "Wall of fame" by

MTV Nescafe Lab, India. He is also one of the few people of India to hold the coin (medal) by

Behance (by Adobe), Rahul won multiple awards including 2-times champion by Fine Arts Academy of

St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, and many more. Recently Rahul Signed his first book on photography and poetry written by him with one of the largest press in India.

Rahul Basak is also a popular name when it comes to as a judge for different business and art competitions. He judged 6 - Times for International Hult Prize Organization (On Campus), also he was the judge to one of the largest photography competitions of state "Dream Award".

Recently, an international organization "Map of Me by Going to School" created short documentation on Rahul Basak's life. Apart from this, he gets featured in the national or international news, podcast, radio on a regular basis.

Early Life and Education

Rahul was born on 11th January in 1994 and brought up in a small town called Gangarampur in West Bengal, India. He completed basic schooling there. But a sudden blow of failure came at a very early stage in his life when he couldn’t pass his 12th board exam (Eventually in 2nd go, he did). But it couldn’t stop him from dreaming. Eventually, he did Diploma from "Siliguri Govt. Polytechnic", Siliguri, West Bengal in Computer Science and Technology (2011-2014). Then he got his degree in Information Technology from "Heritage Institute of Technology", West Bengal (2014-2017). After that, he enrolled in at the "Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology" (Formally known as WBUT) - Home Campus (2017-2018), West Bengal but eventually dropped out of the course with a heart filled with hope and desire to be a change, to do a change that will actually impact society.

Born: 11 January 1994 (age 27)

Alma Mater: Siliguri Govt. Polytechnic, Heritage Institute of Technology, 

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology

Photography and Poetry

Rahul’s keen interest in art was visible from his early college days. He was very passionate about photography and used to capture random moments in a frame that actually had a deeper meaning in itself. His love for photography dragged him to photography schools like Webnetrix, Sky Watcher Association of North Bengal, Spectrum School of Photography. His photographs focus on the interior of human psychology, be it a dilemma, anxiety, loneliness, depression, phobia, etc. He believes in diving deep into the Human mind and bringing the soul to the surface in his photographs. Eventually, his photographs were featured on “Wall of Fame” by MTV Nescafe Lab, India. He is also one of the few people to possess the coin(medal) by Behance (by Adobe) in India. He also won multiple awards including 2-times champion by Fine Arts Academy of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

Rahul started showing his love for writing poetry started from a very early age of school days. His work got published in all the major little magazines of that time from the district (Soth Dinajpur, WB). He also played the editorial role at the school's wall magazine. Rahul was directly involved with the founding team of a famous little magazine of the district. Even, His artwork was featured as the cover photo of a little magazine of that time.

Major photography projects: Solitude, Another Definition of Home

Major Awards/Features: MTV Nescafe Lab, Behance (by Adobe), 

Fine Arts Academy of St. Xavier’s College

Book: Contract signed with Notion Press, India

Guest Speaker at TEDx (JGEC)

Guest Speaker at TEDx (SKCET)


Traveling through the street markets in Hong Kong, he saw people being so compassionate about their arts and can make living out of it. But in his country, the picture was totally different. A question was raised in his mind that “how one can make a living from art?” This question and his love for art actually triggered him to start his first company “Amar Canvas ®” with his friend Amit Kumar Mahishya Das in 2018. It is an e-commerce platform for artists who want to sell their artworks globally and be acknowledged for their work. The motto of this company is to bring the passion of the artists into work and strengthen them financially. In 2019, “Amar Canvas” has won the title of “Best Social Impact Startup” from all over the country by The Indian Awaz. The same year came to the 2nd company launched by the same duo. Rahul co-founded Kolkata’s first stage-based talk show “My Canvas Talk” which is currently active on youtube. It is a platform for renowned and influential people from different spheres of society who want to inspire people around them with their stories of overcoming failure and achieving success in life. The channel is growing greatly nationwide. Recently “My Canvas Talk” has been awarded as the winner in “Entrepreneurship Conclave” by “The Bengal Chamber and Industry”. In 2020, Rahul founded the international podcast “PEP Talks with Rahul”. The intention of the podcast is to host a total of 100 speakers from 100 countries around the globe who have a great impact on society. Rahul believes that there is a great deal to learn from these people who have done extraordinarily great in their lives. In 2021, Rahul started working on his first online education-based system "Learning with Rahul" It will be launch soon.

Organizations (With Designations): Amar Canvas ® (Co-founder and CEO), My Canvas Talk (Co-founder and Chief Editor), Pep Talks With Rahul (Host), Learning With Rahul (Educator)

Click here for awards and honors

Public Speaking

When it comes to public speaking, Rahul Basak is a popular name nationally. He is gradually getting featured in various international platforms of countries like  Dubai, Scotland, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, etc. He has been a speaker on various esteemed platforms like- TEDx 3 times, Josh Talk, Dev Talks (Google Development Program), Space Talk (NASA Space Apps Challenge India). He has also been a guest speaker at more than 60 various renowned institutes like- IITs, NIT, and many more. He had also the honor to judge for different business and art competitions. He had judged the International Hult Prize Organization (on-campus) 6 times and the largest photography competition of state “Dream Award”. According to him, public speaking is a mutual way of learning, being a youth leader Rahul loves to interact with young stars who are having the vision to change the world. 

Notable Stages: TEDx (3-Times), IITs, Josh Talks, Dev Talks, Space Talks

Click here for the complete list.


Like almost all the eminent leaders of all time, Rahul is also an avid reader. He explores reading stories of all kinds whenever he gets time. This passion for stories clicked in his mind a marvelous idea to publish his own book mingling his love both for stories and photography together. Recently he has signed a contract to publish his book with one of the famous publication houses, Notion Press, Chennai India. His book is going to be a compilation of photos clicked by him and the stories behind them with the rhythm of poetry.

Expected date of launch: August 2021

Availability: It will be available globally partnering with Amazon, Flipkart, Ingram Distribution (Global), Notion Press Online, Offline Stores.

Exclusive Autographed Edition: Rahul Basak's official website

Featured In

Rahul does always mention his sincere gratitude to all the major and small news organizations nationally or internationally for writing about him or featuring his organizations. Recently an international organization “Map of Me" by Going to School created a short documentary on Rahul’s life. Apart from this, he is regularly featured in various national and international news, podcast, radio shows, and so on. 

Notable mentions: The Times of India, The Statesman, Indian Express, The Telegraph, YourStory, The Print, Yahoo Finance, Influencive, Zee5, Deccan Chronicle, Deccan Herald, The Asian Age, etc.

Click here for complete updates on the news.


One of the key reasons why Rahul became so influential today is that he is always willing to learn. He also had hurdles at many stages but what he did is that he kept learning, rectifying, modifying but most importantly he kept moving, having faith in his dreams. Today Rahul is an inspiration for the young generation. Being an artist himself, Rahul could feel the problems and hardships of the artists nationwide, and also being a storyteller he believed stories can change the world. So with his spirits to have an impact on society, he stepped forward and proved that yes by following your passion, you can be successful and lead a happy life. Being with the right person and friends, life can change, he always considers himself lucky to have his friend Mr. Amit Das, his friend and business partner, with him. According to Rahul, all you got to do is believing in what your heart says and work towards it.

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