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Rahul Basak Photographer
Rahul Basak Autograph

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The philosophy behind the art of rahul basak's photography 

Rahul always believed art is a way through which one person or an artist shares their soul late it be on any kind of canvas. 

He always tries to focus on creating photographs on various deep psychological issues like anxiety, loneliness, phobia, etc. All the photos are reflections of different stages of life.

Photography portfolios

Rahul Basak Photography || Solitude

"SOLITUDE: A walk through soul"

In the era, where we always live in the digital representations of ourselves.  We feel like there are so many people with us always around us.

By accepting the "friend request", without our knowledge it crosses thousands and thousands. But still, among these billions of people in the world, there is something inside which always tells you that you are alone in this whole universe.

Another definition of home

When your mind is a traveler then sometimes the word home just became a hashtag. When I travel to different corners of the world, I always redefine the word "home".  Sometimes, people say keeping a bird in a cage is a crime, don't you think making the borders does the same for humans?  Or don't you feel sometimes that your body is a prison and you are someone else who is living inside and controlling your hands and legs? I'm sure a corner of your heart is shouting with the word "yes!"  Through this project, I tried to answer all questions with my inner truth.

Rahul Basak Photography works
Rahul Basak Photographer

Works on astro-photography

I  got the opportunity to work with the SWAN (SKY WATCHER'S ASSOCIATION OF NORTH BENGAL). Here you'll get some night skyscape pictures including star trails. Some of these works were published in the "Inside Photography: Magazine"

works on trypitch

People say there is good and bad inside all of us. But I believe, there is another mysterious character who makes the judgments. So I think there are not 2 lives inside of us but 3. Find more about this journey.

Rahul Basak Photography works

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