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Who is Rahul Basak

Rahul Basak is a serial entrepreneur, Co-founder, and CEO of "Amar Canvas ®", 

Co-founder and Chief Editor of "My Canvas Talk," Founder and Host of the international podcast "PEP Talks with Rahul". Recently My Canvas Talk was awarded as the winner in the "Entrepreneurship Conclave" by "The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry". Rahul is also considered as "India's Most inspirational  Under 40" by Silverink Foundation.

Rahul is also a nationally renowned keynote speaker, featured on TEDx (3-Times), Josh Talks,

Dev Talks (Google Developers Program), Space Talk (NASA Space Space Apps Challenge India),

Multiple IITs, NIT, The Department of Science & Technology of Indian Government, and also to more than 100 organizations nationally and internationally.

Rahul is also a nationally recognized documentary photographer, whose primary goal is to make photographs of different fields of human psychology. His works were featured as "Wall of fame" by

MTV Nescafe Lab, India. He is also one of the few people of India to hold the coin (medal) by

Behance (by Adobe), Rahul won multiple awards including 2-times champion by Fine Arts Academy of

St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, and many more. Recently Rahul Signed his first book on photography and poetry written by him with one of the largest press in India.

Rahul Basak is also a popular name when it comes to as a judge for different business and art competitions. He judged 6 - Times for International Hult Prize Organization (On Campus), also he was the judge to one of the largest photography competitions of state "Dream Award".

Recently, an international organization "Map of Me by Going to School" created short documentation on Rahul Basak's life. Apart from this, he gets featured in the national or international news, podcast, radio on a regular basis.

Rahul Basak Photo


"The reason why I create art or do business is because of people. In the coming days, we would love to create new initiatives or services which will bring more happiness to the faces of a big number of people.  Alongside, I want to see a world where everyone motivates each other."

Tribute to the Chester Bennington


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In case if you find any difficulties  reaching out over call,

drop a WhatsApp note at +919477853852

Language Preferred: English, Hindi, and Bengali

It is a completely non-profit collaborative initiative taken by

Mr. Rahul Basak and Mr. Abhishek Kundu. Your calls will be answered by   Mr.  Kundu, he is an anti-suicidal activist and has worked in more than 100 cases. This is a consultation call and completely free you can use it. But for any emergencies, we recommend that you talk to a local psychiatrist or visit government assistance.

If you are having any trouble connecting, please drop a complaint here.

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Rahul Basak TEDX Pep Talks With
Rahul Basak News
Rahul Basak News
Rahul Basak News
Rahul Basak News
Rahul Basak News
Rahul Basak News
Rahul Basak News
Rahul Basak News
Rahul Basak News
Rahul Basak News
Rahul Basak News
Rahul Basak News
Rahul Basak News
Rahul Basak News
Rahul Basak Portrait

"The photograph you are looking for is inside, in you"

MTV Nescafe Lab

Adobe's Behance

"For me, public speaking always opens a door to interact with people in real-time. And I feel really

honored when someone finds inspiration from my

words and philosophy  For me this is always a mutual way of learning.

3-Times TEDx

Josh Talks & IITs


A unique podcast by Rahul Basak where he is featuring 

notable people from all across the globe.

Pep Talks with Rahul Basak
Pep talks with Rahul Basak
Pep talks with Rahul Basak

Recent Award

The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Indus

Winner of "entrepreneurship conclave and awards 2020-21" by "The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry"

Recently "My Canvas Talk" won the winning award from The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Rahul Basak is the Co-founder and Chief Editor of My Canvas Talk. 

My Canvas Talk also considered the first stage-based talk show company, born from Kolkata by various national media organizations.

The award given by BCC&I is one of the prestigious awards given in the field of entrepreneurship from Bengal.

Watch this

documentary on Rahul Basak's life made by "going to school"

An international organization called "Going to School" made a documentary on the life of Rahul Basak to inspire the people for the project called

"Map of Me (MOM)".

In this documentary, Rahul Basak, talked about, what he thinks about art and entreprenurship. 

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