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Guest Speaker at TEDx (JGEC)

Guest Speaker at Josh Talks

Guest Speaker at TEDx (SKCET)

Rahul Basak .jpg

Rahul Basak

is also 

Documentary Photographer

He is currently working on his FIRST BOOK

With Notion Press, India

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Rahul Basak 

Appeared in the #public as a #speaker

From IIT to TEDx to various engineering colleges as well in award ceremonies to social events

Rahul Basak at IIT Dhanbad
Rahul Basak at business award
public speaker rahul basak
rahul basak hult prize heritage hitk
rahul basak josh talk
Rahul Basak
rahul basak
Rahul Basak at Heritage institute of tec
Rahul Basak on TEDx SKCET
Rahul Basak on TEDx
rahul basak
rahul basak
rahul basak
rahul basak
rahul basak
rahul basak
rahul basak
rahul basak
rahul basak
rahul basak
rahul basak
rahul basak
rahul basak
rahul basak
rahul basak
rahul basak

Now, you can contact directly for any appointments and invitations


Including the live telecast on the national TV channel DOORDARSHAN

Latest News

#podcast interview


One of the Adobe's Behance Medal holder from INDIA and Featured in MTV NESCAFE LAB




In the era, where we always live in the digital representations of our selves.  We feel like there is so many people with us always around us.

By accepting the "friend request", without our knowledge it crosses thousands and thousands. But still, among these billions of people in the world, there is something inside which always tells you that you are alone in this whole universe.  

Copy of my sky is limited.jpg

Another Definition of Home

When your mind is a traveller then sometimes the word home just became a hashtag. When I travel to different corners of the world, I always redefine the word "home".  Sometimes, people say keeping a bird in a cage is a crime, don't you think making the borders does the same for the humans?  Or don't you feel sometimes that your body is a prison and you are someone else who is living inside and controlling your hands and legs? I'm sure a corner of your heart is shouting with the word "yes!"  Through this project, I tried to answer all questions with my inner truth.


Sky you are not Blue!

But Black!

I got the opportunity to work with the SWAN (SKY WATCHER'S ASSOCIATION OF NORTH BENGAL). Here you'll get some night skyscape pictures including star trails. 


I'm not #two. But  #three!

People say there is good and bad inside all of us. But I believe, there is another mysterious character who makes the judgments. So I think there is not 2 lives inside of us but 3. Find more about this journey.




From the day one Mr. Rahul Basak is walking on this road with his friend Mr. Amit Kumar Mahishya Das . And in this past one and half year together they build two companies.

Company Portfolios 


Amar Canvas®

Amar Canvas®

Founders (CO): Mr. Rahul Basak and Mr. Amit Kumar Mahishya Das

Year of Foundation: 2018

Current Position: Chief Executive Officer

Company Details:  Have you thought that in India an artist can sell his artwork by just seating home? well it is a company which is making the dream into a reality of many people "passion and profession should be same"

Website: www.amarcanvas.com



Logo (1).png

My Canvas Talk

Founders (CO): Mr. Rahul Basak and Mr. Amit Kumar Mahishya Das

Year of Foundation: 2019

Current Position: Chief Editor

Company Details:  My Canvas Talk is an initiative taken by Amar Canvas®. “My Canvas Talk” is currently a YouTube-based platform where we promote stories or specifically the journeys of bright personalities from across India. In order to re-invent the power of stories directly from the stage. We believe, stories have the capabilities to inspire people, to motivate people and sometimes it helps to rediscover own self."

Website: www.mycanvastalk.com


Featured on the "Radio One 94.3 || Kolkata"


Listen to it on

new youtube.png

Featured on this esteemed news organisation

rahul basak
rahul basak



rahul basak
rahul basak

An initiative Taken By mr. rahul basak with Mr. Abhishek Kundu

Suicide prevention || Abhishek Kundu ||

You can send WhatsApp to this same number and if you find anything that you need to tell specifically to Mr Rahul Basak write to him rahulbasakoffice@gmail.com



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