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My Canvas Talk won the best startup award from The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-governmental trade association and advocacy group based in West Bengal, India. It is the oldest chamber of commerce in India, and one of the oldest in Asia.

My CanvasTalk is a youtube based platform providing a voice to the storytellers who seek to help the world by letting them in on their journey towards success. It started as a platform for the storytellers, who could share their journey and inspire souls around them. But with the great support that it received over the months, it now initiates individuals from all around the country to share their thoughts and ideas as well. We believe that every little idea, thought or story counts, and all it needs is the right platform to explore the possibility. It is your space to share anything that you might find important or relevant and in need to be heard by the millions out there. We promote the value of embracing the person you have become over the years of hard work and dedication and share your story on your platform, My CanvasTalk. My CanvasTalk not only focuses on the achievements of these individuals but also believes in giving you glimpses of how they rose above their failures.

Rahul Basak is the co-founder and chief editor of My Canvas Talk. On behalf of My Canvas Talk. Rahul Basak received the prestigious award of "The Best Startup of Bengal" (Under 3 Years) from The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry



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