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Suicide prevention Initiative Launched by Rahul Basak

On Chester’s death anniversary. We are introducing a #Suicide prevention service, for the Indian people. According to WHO, more than 264 Millions of people is suffering from #Depression right now in this whole world. One day, I was talking with Mr Abhishek Kundu and I came to the conclusion that we are going to take his service to the next level in order to reach many people. From #today, there will be special a helpline number on for the people who are looking for someone to talk about their mental health. Mr Abhishek Kundu (Suicide Prevention Activist || My Canvas Talk Speaker || Global Goodwill Ambassador from India ) will be there to help them with his such great profession skills (He prevented more than 100 suicide attempt cases)

This is a joint initiative with Mr Kundu. And we are going to experiment with this service for the next year. And if we receive a good number of responses than in the next year, we are going to introduce it to other countries as well.

At the end of the day, if we can save one person’s life than definitely, this initiative will be worth doing.


In any case, remember this, if we can come forward together then maybe someday we’ll reach our goal. This initiative can become a great one with the help from you, please do share the information with your friends and family, who knows one share may help one person’s life.


Again, the service will be available at

Let’s not repeat what happened with Chester with someone else. And yes, this initiative is a #tribute to the legend.



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