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Story of a boy and Some unknown clouds.

I can still remember that day. 

I don't really recall the time but yes it was at the beginning of my high school.

Near about 15 years back from now. When I started to dream that one day I will be a writer. 

My first complete novel was a story of an old diamond owned by a snake.  I don't actually remember where is that now. But yes I can feel one thing that, now it becomes a priceless thing for me.   I will definitely share that story on some other day. But today I'll talk only about the clouds and my relationship with them. 

Like any other boy, I used to look at the clouds and imagine many characters, subjects, story and other things. I used to study on the roof under the sun in the winter days.  And I used to draw paintings of those clouds or rather what I imagined from those clouds. And maybe this was the first time when the idea of becoming a writer came in the mind. And it was like,  one day, I will publish a book containing the stories that I imagined from those clouds. I used to think or it will be very much appropriate to say that I still feel if you will love the clouds then it will tell you the stories from the ancient to the opposite side of the universe. You just have to have the spirit to look at that cloud.  But with time I lost that spirit in me. But yes I can remember I told myself about the name of the book from that time. It was "Akashvani".

But what happened today, that I am telling this all stories to you? Today I felt that boy inside of me again. with the same spirit and do you know who reminded me that? It was the clouds again.  And that very moment I took this picture to remind me every time of that boy with the dream to get published. And I named this picture "Akashvani". 



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