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Featured on NEWS 18 Bengali

A lot of people asked me, from where do I belong? Including various media organizations nationwide.

But recently my dear friend Vaskar, wrote a very beautiful article on News18 Bangla.

About the lesser-known facts about me,

Apart from being friends, he is also one of the personalities who took the courage to write about me for the first time in my life in a local newspaper 3 years ack.

And I am truly grateful to him for taking out the time to write about me after 3 long years.

It was a fun around 2 hours long interview which involves a lot of memories of my time there in #siliguri.

He beautifully narrated the interview mentioning my photography school, Spectrum School of Photography, to my learning period at Sky Watchers' Association of North Bengal (SWAN), India under the guidance of Mr. Debasis Sarkar.

And also we talked a lot about my hometown #Gangarampur. The place where I was born and my home.

So, I am thankful to the entire editorial team of News18 for not only writing up about me but also about so many other places and organizations which is the reason for my well-being today.

Last but not the least, I am thankful to all of you for showering the blessings and love on me.

Much love to you all.



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