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Rahul Basak and Amit Das Shares Their Mission For The Popular Talk Show “My Canvas Talk”

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My Canvas Talk is one of the fastest-growing stage-based talk shows from India. And this is the first stage-based talk show from the “City of Joy”, Kolkata. The main goal of this organization is to spread positive motivation and social awareness among the public via curating talk shows. My Canvas Talk is also the only talk show in the world to date to plant one tree for every one thousand views. Rahul Basak and Amit Das are the co-founders of this uprising organization. But when the pandemic started the organization could not curate the talk in their traditional ways. So they came up with a unique approach to visit other states virtually. My Canvas Talk started choosing speakers from different states. But this famous duo of entrepreneurs came up with an approach to invite only one speaker from a state, and in a very short time they invited seven great personalities from seven states, and the entire event happened via virtual way keeping the situation in mind. The co-founders want to make the talk show a premium talk show for the speakers but an open platform for the audiences. Right now they are on youtube based but soon they are going to be available on all the major podcast platforms globally. In a very short period, more than 30 speakers were invited as guest speakers from different parts of India from Tollywood actors, national singers, rappers, entrepreneurs, social activists, theater artists, etc.

The mission of My Canvas Talk:

We aim at bringing you the stories of these brilliant people who started something simple but with consistent efforts, changed, and inspired the lives around them completely. We at My CanvasTalk bring you these not-so-ordinary individuals from around the globe, with their extraordinary stories to ignite the same passion within you as they hold. These individuals started with something simple, turned their lives around with a tremendous effort, astonishing everyone along the way. They believed in the potential they had, and now it's our turn to provide them with a platform to share their stories with the world.

My CanvasTalk is an initiation to provide a voice and a platform for such individuals who wish to share their stories with the world. We also aim to encourage those souls, who might benefit from these real-life superheroes. This platform is for all those storytellers, who seek to establish a distinctive identity by helping people around the globe by sharing their journey.

In the light of keeping this real, we bring to you the most inspiring individuals, not only about the struggles, the failures but also about their persistence in efforts to stay on the ground. Aiming to rationalize the minds with positivity, about how life could turn around for you too, these individuals might just be the direction you need.

About the Co-founders of My Canvas Talk:

The co-founders of “My Canvas Talk” are two friends, from their college days, Rahul Basak and Amit Das started their journey together as an entrepreneur a few years back this is their second venture. In this short period their works and they, themselves became very influential in the startup ecosystem. Both of them studied engineering and after facing a lot of “No” they stood strong to walk on this path of entrepreneurship.

Today, My Canvas Talk is focusing on reaching more people globally. A company created from the city of joy is going to be on the international map soon. As keeping the safety of the people in mind during this pandemic situation they will continue working on their powerful virtual mood, focusing on reaching all the corners of India at the same time. People need more inspiration and motivation than ever before.



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