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Rahul Basak (Kolkata entrepreneur) featured on Outlook Magazine

Meet Rahul Basak and Amit Das Who Created Kolkata's First Stage-Based Talk Show, ‘My Canvas Talk’ - Outlook Magazine

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Kolkata is always known for its joy and is called the ‘City of Joy’. But looking at the increasing rate of depression globally and other mental health issues among people, Rahul Basak and Amit Das, two college friends, came together to build a global platform to help such people. It is a platform from where people will find inspiration and motivation to go upwards and join the mainstream of life.

They wanted to make this a premium talk show for the achievers and leaders. Within a very short period, they gained huge popularity among the youths as well as the thought-leaders, who are finding new ways to share their stories with the world.

ahul Basak and Amit Das are now known as the duo entrepreneurs of Bengal. They started their journey with a noble cause to create society better from various perspectives by doing mental health awareness, breaking various stereotypes, giving a platform to the activists, and more. And in the pandemic time, they did not stop. They started their initiative called "My Canvas Talk - Virtual", which eventually spread to 7 states of India, and they have chosen one speaker from each of the seven states.

Amit as the co-founder and Rahul as the co-founder and chief editor, recently, My Canvas Talk got incorporated as a private limited under My Canvas Talk Private Limited.

"We created My Canvas Talk to inspire people when we saw the numbers of people who are currently going through depression, and we wanted to do something in this field. We believe storytelling has the power to inspire other people. Hence, My Canvas Talk is a platform that is focused on crafting stories." says Amit Das

My Canvas Talk is a talk show, but they are also doing more in different social works, but they are also one of the unique youtube companies to plant trees. They are also raising funds for covid-relief.

"At the end of the day, we at My Canvas Talk believe that stories have the power to change the world in a positive direction. Since our childhood, we heard stories from our grandparents but somehow, growing up, we miss them, and we face many other faces of life, society and so on. Here we are building a platform for you all to listen at the end of your day, maybe to give you the boost or energy to follow your dream. And we will always bring extraordinary people in front of you on your mobile screen. Just to tell you, life is beautiful, and everything is possible here in this universe. In the coming future, the company will also focus on different social issues and work hard to make it more positive."

Today, My Canvas Talk is focusing on reaching more people globally. A company created from the city of joy is going to be on the international map soon. As keeping the safety of the people in mind during this pandemic situation, they will continue working on their powerful virtual mood, focusing on reaching all the corners of India at the same time. People need more inspiration and motivation ever before.



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