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Rahul Basak invited as a Guest Speaker at "My Startup TV"

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

About My Startup Tv:

My startup TV is India’s first channel for Startups and MSMEs We are here to showcase the journey and contributions of entrepreneurs, startups, investors, mentors & thought leaders towards the development and enhancement of spirit of entrepreneurship.

Mainstream media is interested in Unicorn stories. My Startup TV is a platform for anyone who thinks has a story of passion, commitment, sacrifice and more to share with the wider world- then contact us- because we will not ask for your valuations, fundraised or your position in the society. We want to know - the impact you have created or you are creating.

The impact could be five meaningful jobs, a life saved, an app or a device that ensures safety, protect or comes handy in an emergency. You could be working in a village, a district a city or remote jungle- as long as you have a story to share - we will cover.

About Rahul Basak:

Rahul Basak is a serial entrepreneur, Co-founder and CEO of "Amar Canvas ®",

Co-founder and Chief Editor of "My Canvas Talk," Founder and Host of the international podcast "PEP Talks with Rahul", Founder of "Learning with Rahul". Recently My Canas Talk awarded as the winner in the "Entrepreneurship Conclave" by "The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry"

Rahul is also a nationally renowned keynote speaker, featured on TEDx (3-Times), Josh Talks,Dev Talks (Google Developers Program), Space Talk (NASA Space Space Apps Challenge India), Multiple IITs, NIT, The Department of Science & Technology of Indian Government, and also to more than 60 organizations nationally and internationally.

Few highlights from the Interview:

How did you discover the artist in yourself?

While visiting Hong Kong for the famous Hong Kong International Film Festival, I had the opportunity to interact with a few artists, and I could feel a con-nection, and that is where I realised that I had an artist within me.

Tell us, what led to the creation of the Amar Canvas platform?

Due to economic dis-balances, the artists are least paid for their work as compared to other profes-sions. While doing research, I found out the actual cause of the problem is that there is a huge gap be-tween the people who buy art and those who create and sell it.



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