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Rahul Basak Featured on The Statesman

"Rahul Basak and Amit Das are using their stage-based talk show My Canvas Talk to plant trees" - The Statesman

Or continue reading below: the below writings are taken from The Statesman:

The duo entrepreneur of Kolkata is showing the world if you are creative and carrying deep love for Mother Nature, you can take care of nature from any profession. My Canvas Talk is one of India’s fastest-growing stage-based talk shows. Right now in a very short period, celebrities from different fields show up on the show as a speaker.

They have already reached 7 states of India via their virtual initiative. But the unique part is, from every one thousand views of their YouTube, they are planting one tree. They are probably one of the first YouTube channels in the world to come up with this initiative.

“Super cyclone Amphan” hit the coastal areas of West Bengal and Odisha on May 20 resulting in major devastation, claiming at least 86 lives and affected thousands of households, standing crops, and completely disrupted water and electricity supply in the region. According to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), over 5,000 trees were uprooted due to the storm.

At that time the co-founders of the popular talk show “My Canvas Talk”, Rahul Basak and Amit Das came with the idea to plant trees from their views received from their My Canvas Talk YouTube channel. By that time they had 1 lakh plus views and they planted 100 trees. As they said, “My Canvas Talk will plant one tree for every one thousand views received from YouTube. And not once or twice but for the rest of the time.” For their first tree plantation program, they have joined hands with a non-profit organisation called “BakuliAid Foundation.”

“We created My Canvas Talk for the people, and it’s because of them we are growing day by day. As the co-founder of this esteemed organization, I always thought about how to give something return not only to our audiences but to all the people in general, what else can be better than oxygen? Thus we started our tree plantation initiative. And it will run for the rest of the company life,” says Amit.

“My Canvas Talk always believes in giving back to the people. We build this company to motivate people, and because of the love that we are receiving every day, we are growing. The tree plantation program from the views of My Canvas Talk YouTube channel is one of its kind approaches towards saving nature from global warming. We are the only talk show right now in this world to do this,” says Rahul.

Rahul and Amit started their journey as entrepreneurs a few years back and in this short period, they are the well-known face of the ecosystem with their canvas group of companies. My Canvas Talk is their second venture, it is the first stage-based talk show born from the “City of Joy”, Kolkata.

The main goal of creating this platform was, they believe positive stories have the power to help people to focus in the mainstream of life especially people who are suffering from different mental issues. As the numbers are growing day by day for depression and other mental health issues cases, they wanted to create this free and open platform from where people will watch and listen to various achievers from Tollywood stars to national and international singers to various social activists to entrepreneurs and many more.

End of article.

Rahul Basak share his sincere gratitude with the organisation for writing about them.

More about Rahul Basak:

Rahul Basak is a serial entrepreneur, Co-founder and CEO of "Amar Canvas ®",

Co-founder and Chief Editor of "My Canvas Talk," Founder and Host of the international podcast "PEP Talks with Rahul", Founder of "Learning with Rahul". Recently My Canas Talk awarded as the winner in the "Entrepreneurship Conclave" by "The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry"

Rahul is also a nationally renowned keynote speaker, featured on TEDx (3-Times), Josh Talks, Dev Talks (Google Developers Program), Space Talk (NASA Space Space Apps Challenge India), Multiple IITs, NIT, The Department of Science & Technology of Indian Government, and also to more than 60 organizations nationally and internationally.

Rahul is also a nationally recognized documentary photographer, whose primary goal is to make photographs of different fields of human psychology. His works were featured as "Wall of fame" by MTV Nescafe Lab, India. He is also one of the few people of India to hold the coin (medal) by Behance (by Adobe), Rahul won multiple awards including 2-times champion by Fine Arts Academy of St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, and many more. Recently Rahul Signed his first book on photography and poetry written by him with one of the largest press in India.

Rahul Basak is also a popular name when it comes to as a judge for different business and art competitions. He judged 6 - Times for International Hult Prize Organization (On Campus), also he was the judge to one of the largest photography competition of state "Dream Award".

Recently, an international organization "Map of Me by Going to School" created short documentation on Rahul Basak's life. Apart from this, he gets featured in the national or international news, podcast, radio on a regular basis.


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