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Rahul Basak and Amit Das breaking stereotypes for Anti Suicide Awareness videos on “My Canvas Talk”

My Canvas Talk is known for the first stage-based talk show created in Kolkata. The main motivation behind creating the platform was when co-founders of this organization found that, the rate of depression and mental health issues are growing day by day all around the world. They wanted to do something about it, so they come up with an idea why not create a stage where they will bring the speakers from different corners of life to share their journey. In most cases they are highly successful people who influence millions of others but “My Canvas Talk” allows them to speak directly from their heart to come up with all the hard sales they faced in their life. The ultimate result of the talk is when the people hear about it they feel motivated and encouraging in life. In a short period, My Canvas Talk invited quite a good number of speakers from different parts of the country and a few of them talked about Anti-suicide. My Canvas Talk does not do any business with the particular talk related to Anti-suicide. Amazing right! Let’s hear it from no other than the co-founders of this great initiative.

The co-founders of “My Canvas Talk” are two friends, from their college days, Rahul Basak and Amit Das started their journey together as an entrepreneur a few years back this is their second venture. In this short period their works and they, themselves became very influential in the startup ecosystem. Both of them are by studied engineering and after facing a lot of “No” they stood strong to walk on this path of entrepreneurship.

According to a report “Close to 800000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds.” Suicide is also considered the 18th leading cause of death. One of the fundamental reasons for that is depression. My Canvas Talk runs with the goal to curate talks that encourage people to more come to the mainstream of life.

“When my favorite singer died because of suicide. It made me wonder what we see from the outside is not always life. Not every smile is always a smile. We created My Canvas Talk with the motivation to make people’s lives better, their journey to the goal must feel smooth. When we heard there are people who are saving hundreds of people’s lives, so we immediately gave that story a boost through our stage. But as we are doing it for humanity, we don’t feel like earning money from that particular videos which are now or will be in the future on Anti-suicidal related. We will not earn money from that from any streaming platforms.”, Says Rahul Basak, Co-founder and Chief Editor of My Canvas Talk.

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