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Rahul Basak featured on Deccan Herald

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Rahul Basak and Amit Das share their entrepreneurial journey of creating “My Canvas Talk” - Deccan Herald

“My Canvas Talk” is the first stage-based talk show from the “City of Joy”, Kolkata. This is mainly a platform where people from different perspectives of life share their journey as a speech. In a short period, My Canvas Talk is gaining popularity among the audiences in Kolkata as well as in different parts of the nation. My Canvas Talk invites people from various corners of life, from celebrity actors to singers to social activists to popular entrepreneurs. My Canvas Talk does not only focuses on curating talk shows but also focus on various social issues, My Canvas Talk is the first talk company in the world to plant one tree from every one thousand views received from their youtube channel, and also in the pandemic time, they started a donation drive for the covid-19 relief fund. This company is created by two friends from Kolkata. Rahul Basak and Amit Das started their entrepreneurial journey a few years back and in a short period, they earned their popularity in the ecosystem. My Canvas Talk is their second company incorporated as My Canvas Talk Private Limited.

Rahul Basak is now one of the recognized keynote speaker of the country, featured in different famous talks shows of the world including TEDx for 3 Times, Josh Talks, Google’s Dev Talk, NASA Space challenge app India, etc. Apart from the talk shows he has been invited by many colleges or organizations as a keynote speaker which includes IITs, NIT, etc. Apart from his passion for public speaking, he is also the host of an international podcast called “PEP Talks with Rahul”. Right now, Rahul is one of the well-known faces of Kolkata’s startup ecosystem. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of Amar Canvas, Co-founder and Chief Editor of My Canvas Talk. Apart from these all, Rahul is a documentary photographer featured in MTV Nescafe Lab, Adobe’s Behance Coin holder from India, etc. Recently his book is also coming on this particular field. But how this all journey started? By failing in the class 12 board exam! From that point to this point it was a long journey.

“When I was doing my Master’s of Engineering in computer science, at that time due to travel purpose I was there in Hong Kong, and I think the magic happened there with me, the next day I visited Kolkata and gone straight to my old pal’s home at Kolkata. And since that day we started building our dreams together. My Canvas Talk is our 2nd venture, the urge to create a Talk platform came in from being a public speaker myself, I understood how stories have the power to influence one and many. And after talking to many major national and international talk shows, I think it was always a deep down wish to have our talk show. And finally, I and Amit together created My Canvas Talk. And we always wanted to do something to give back to the society so, at the same time of curating talk shows, we are doing our part from tree plantation to donation drive to help people in the critical time.” Says Rahul

Amit Das is a former Josh Talk speaker and judges to the international Hult Prize organization. He is currently the co-founder and COO of Amar Canvas, Co-founder of My Canvas Talk. Amit is also the director for the ADRB Art Private Limited and My Canvas Talk private limited.

“I always believed in the power of storytelling, it is so powerful that it can make someone full of energy to walk in the mainstream of life, Looking at the growing rate of depression and other mental issues, My Canvas Talk wanted to be a place where they can find motivation, inspiration from the people they admire. We are focusing it to create a premium talk show for the speakers and an open platform for the audiences.” Says Amit.

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