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Rahul Basak Featured in The Kolkata Buzz

As it was mentioned on the post: (Click here for the post)

Rahul Basak , an entrepreneur, a documentary photographer, an upcoming author and a public speaker from Kolkata, has not only donned many hats but extended help to the ones in need. Like his positions of power include being a co-founder and CEO of Amar Canvas® and the co-founder and chief editor of My Canvas Talk, which featured celebrities like actors Saurav Das and Saayoni Ghosh, his acts of kindness urged him to come forward for the Assam flood victims this year.
“As an entrepreneur, I believe my first and foremost duty is to make people’s lives better. So, whenever I get an opportunity to support them in their difficult stages, I try to jump into their lives with help in every possible way,” said Rahul.


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