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Rahul Basak as a Judge in “Dream Awards-Effort To Create Better, 2019”

DreamAwards - Effort To Create Better (Organized By DreamLens Films N Fotoz)- Art seems to be simply a direct visual reflection of the artists’ life. Therefore, one can assume that an artist’s life-experiences and beliefs directly influence their art. Every creation from an artist is unique piece of their dedication and thus these creative minds deserve a respect and recognition for their contribution towards the society. DreamAwards aim to recognize these awesomely fertile artists. The main objective of the event is to recognize artists and art. It is a platform for emerging artists to showcase their creativity. The event also aims to felicitate those creative minds who have dedicated their life throughout and inspired the tender minds. This event will boast the confidence and knowledge of the budding artist who aims to excel in their respective domain.

Rahul Basak interacting with the audience about his photography journey

Note from Mr. Rahul Basak:

I want to say at the beginning, I don't really know whether I'll be able to put my words properly here or not. Someone said to me when you become so happy and excited about something you run out of words. I think that is what happened to me now.

Recently, I was invited by DreamLens Films N Fotoz, Siliguri to be one of the judges for the biggest photography contest of North Bengal and Sikkim’s biggest Wedding Photography Contest DreamAwards - Effort To Create Better 19.

Rahul Basak as a judge at DREAM AWARD-2019

Before coming to the event details, I would love to take this opportunity to talk about the man, whom I just mentioned "Guru". He is none other than the famous photographer Mr. Rahul Shambhavi Sinha. I still remember the day when I first met him, the first DSLR camera I touched was his, the first person who said to me "You'll be a good photographer someday", not only this ,also he was my first website designing teacher, And still a mentor in my business journey & always will be.

Mr. Rahul Sinha (Left) and Mr. Rahul Basak (Right) at Dream Award, Siliguri

Mr. Rahul Sinha (Left) and Mr. Rahul Basak (Right) at Dream Award, Siliguri

So, think & understand how happy I was when he called me and said that I am going to be a judge in his dream project. I feel privileged. after that, When I reached the event, there is one line that came in my mind "Wow! this is not the only stage it is the stage of one man's life long DREAM" So, many things I want to say but running out of words.

Rahul Basak at Expert Panel Discussion on the market of Wedding Photography in India

But some moments which will be there always in my heart forever, like spending a great time with the chief guest Mr. Sabyasachi Talukdar Editor of Uttarbanga Sambad and we talked a lot about our home Gangarampur Town. Then, meeting with Mr. Subrata Kar, founder of Himalayan Photography Club we had a great talk about contemporary photography and film culture. I want to say specifically ,Mr. Subrato Saha sir, when I saw that you are also in the panel it took me back to my days at Spectrum School of Photography. It was great meeting with you.

Awarding the winner and also the title holder, "WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR"

With the winner and the title holder "Wedding Photographer of The Year"

With gratitude I would like say To honor the event DreamAwards - Effort To Create Better and from our entire team of Amar Canvas we are very proud to be associated with your dream Mr. Rahul Shambhavi Sinha.

Mr. Sabyasachi Talukdar (Left) and Mr. Rahul Basak (Right)

At the end of it all ,again congratulations to all the participants and winners. Best wishes for the upcoming days.

With the Organizer, other Judges and Winners



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