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One tip to build your personal brand by Rahul Basak

Let's face it.

No matter in which field you are working now,

But, "personal brand" is something that is what you required?

So, so many students or entrepreneurs always asked me how to build a personal brand?

The answer is so simple "Be yourself"

But but the question is how to do it?

"Being yourself" is probably one of the difficult jobs for a lot of people.

Because sometimes we look for personal brand "outside".

What does it mean?

It's simple, for example, you are looking on the internet "Famous Entrepreneur of Kolkata."

And you want to get the position also dream for it.

But have you ever asked yourself?

Whether you want to be that entrepreneur or you just dream for the frame?

So, how to find yourself?

Definitely not in google!

But to check your daily life and understand what makes you feel good.

And start with it,

no one ever told you, that you can not change or shift your identity.

So if I people know me now, as a popular entrepreneur from Kolkata.

But I am sure, a lot of people forget that this was the guy who once featured on MTV Nescafe Lab for documentary photography.

So, nothing to worry about if you are in the IT field now but someday might start your own bakery.

Act on who you are now, at least start with it now.

And grow your audience accordingly.

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