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Nobody is Alive

We really don't know what actually is going to happen tomorrow. Forget tomorrow we don't even know anything about the next coming hours of our life. Whenever I look at this picture I understand why it is really very important to count every breath of your life. Now I am going to share with you why this picture becomes much more valuable compared to the time I took the picture.


His name was Allah, A coolie from a small town. I knew him from the days of school. My father has a constitution hardware business over there, So gradually he works for my father on a regular basis. Nobody actually knew anything about his past or where from actually he was. I only learned that he was from somewhere Bihar, according to his language. As time passed he become very regular to my father's shop and suddenly I noticed he becomes very addicted to alcohol, alcohol may sound like very different in this case "desi chullu" will be the fine word. I can remember now in past 5 years whenever I saw him he was completely drunk and walking on the streets. And when we meet he asked me some of the money for the food. I always tried to give him as much possible for me by that time, and after that I just said to him every time "Chullu nahi haa, go for some food in actual" But I can sense there was something very painful going inside of him. My mother liked him so much whenever we got an occasion or puja in our house, she gave him food and clothes. He always wears my t-shirts last time when I saw him I saw he was wearing a stole of mine which I loved when I was a boy. 

I took this picture at Dusshera. He was completely drunk when I took that picture, he saw my camera and suddenly fall to the ground and closes his eyes. I TOOK THIS PICTURE AT THAT TIME. 

That day we burned that Ravana (In our town it is mostly known as Ghost) in this picture.

And After several months I received a phone call from my mother and I was shocked to hear that "Allah is dead Rahul".

At that very moment, two images flashed through my mind.One he was smiling at me wearing my stole that day.

And this picture. Where nobody is alive right now. 



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