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Mr. Rahul Basak's photographed used as a Cover Photo on "The Cognition Tree" Magazine

Recently one of my photograph from the series “ANOTHER DEFINITION OF HOME”. Chosen as an honourable cover photo of the esteemed nation-level photography magazine published by The Cognition Tree Media & Publications, Pune. After a long time, I got the opportunity to make a move in my journey as an artist. The magazine is available in all the formats. Hardcopy, Kindle Edition and also available in Amazon and other important online selling portals. I'm sharing the link with you, I encourage everyone to purchase the magazine it doesn't cost much. But your support will definitely help a young bunch of people who are working super hard to keep the existence of printing media in this digital world. My best wishes and thanks to Author Ayush Maskara for having me and also for the opportunity. My best wishes for the entire team. And Sayan bhai. Kichu monae porlo ? Tui na thaklae photo ta hoto e na.

#international people can also get the benefit from Amazon service:



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