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Keynote Speaker at "The Builder's Club"

Looking forward to this conversation with The Builders Club on Discord.

About "The Builder's Club": This is an invite only community of startup founders and businessmen who support each other in building great products. We are a community of passionate folks interested in Business, Startups & Tech. We believe in helping others grow, and grow with the team in the process. Get better at your skills, meet people with whom you can partner and work on projects, or just put on the work music and deep dive into work. We are industry and designation agnostic.

About Rahul Basak:

Rahul, an entrepreneur by profession, an artist by heart, and a passionate public speaker.

I experienced the term “failure” at a very early stage of my life when I failed my 12th board exam. Then after that, how did I do my Diploma, Graduation, and M.Tech (Dropout) in Computer Engineering? (a story for another day)

However, failures didn’t stop me from experimenting and trying new things. And I believe that is the identification of an entrepreneur. Gradually, that spirit inside made me a CEO to the Guest Speaker at IIT, NIT, TEDx (3-Times), Josh Talk, and other esteemed institutions nationwide and also featured in various media.

Well, how did I start my career?

Before that, you have to go through my journey as an Artist. Who featured in MTV Nescafe Lab, also one of the few Indians to hold the international award from Adobe's Behance. But still, somewhere I was not confident enough to follow my passion. When I visited other countries, I saw some people there feel much confident to follow their path. But coming back to home, the story was different, forget about confidence. The first question was, "HOW YOU ARE GOING TO GET MONEY FOR FOOD FROM ART?"

This problem made me an entrepreneur. In 2018, I and my friend created Amar Canvas®, where the artist can directly sell their artwork globally with their price tag but more importantly, they can follow their passions. Where we are dreaming, one day every artist will feel that they can be an entrepreneur with us.

In 2019, we launched our 2nd Company "My Canvas Talk" Which is a stage-based talk platform and the first one from Kolkata, which is currently spreading nationwide.

Various national, international media have featured me in their articles and other resources.

If you want to invite or hire me as a speaker of your event, you can hit me up here on LinkedIn or drop an email with all the details at



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