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Keynote Speaker at TEDxKanniyakumari

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

TEDxKanniyakumari has turned out to be an emotion for me, which will remain with me forever. It was my 3rd TEDx talk.

I am now overwhelmed by the love that I have received from the people of #Kanyakumari. But, I will try and express all my feelings here. In my life, I have never thought people from 2,600 KM away, will be waiting one day to hear my words. But yes, this has just happened.

A few hours back I delivered my 3rd TEDx talk at TEDxKanniyakumari. What a lovely time it was! I remember 3 years back when I was invited for the first time by an organization to speak, I was anxious a lot. From there one of the celebrity speakers of the show is itself an amazing journey.

This TEDx was very special to me,

Not because I wore jeans and polo only. 😅

But also because of a few other things,

Like I used my own written poetry as a reference for my talk.

I established a theory of "Be the black dot" over the talk and many more.

You have no idea, how much I am thankful to all of you, and specifically my family and younger Rohan, Amit, Atish for always encouraging me to move in the upward direction.

I am blessed to receive love from you all.

My sincere thanks to TEDxKanniyakumari and Rahul Rajusree Ji, for having me with such wonderful people. It is definitely an honor to me.

And that too reminds me, I was the only Bengali person to be invited to this international conference.

Love you all!



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