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"From a failure to CEO" Josh Talks Video of Rahul Basak

“Yes, It is possible to create your career through your own Passion”

Today I would like to share this good news with you all , Recently I was honoured to be invited as a speaker at Josh Talk to talk about my journey form "Rahul Basak as an Artist and a Social Entrepreneur" on 2nd of June ,2019 at Amity University , kolkata.

However, after a long wait, the video was uploaded recently by Josh Talk on their YouTube channel. So I'll request everyone to go and check it out . Link given below .

It is the one of the best thing that I have experienced and a best moment for myself to share my struggles and Josh with all of you.

"We cannot easily convey the words of our Passion to our family, We just suffered with frustration and at least We sold our Passion " - Story line from the talk.

How did I overcome the troubles such as these words , after watching this video you all will find out and get many answers for yourself.

And obviously let me know what you thought and what inspired you the most, in the video comment section.

Thank you.



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