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Invited as Guest Speaker at Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata

Before I say anything about the Heritage Institute of Technology (HIT-K), I wanted to tell all of you that this is my own college and that's where the journey was started.

Heritage Institute of Technology is among the top in the State in the category of Best Private Engg. Colleges. inspired by the noble cause of education and with a philanthropic zeal, a group of twenty-two like-minded industrialists of Kolkata established Kalyan Bharti Trust (KBT), a public charitable foundation, to promote and provide higher education in the country and in the State of West Bengal, in particular. out of six wings of the Trust -Heritage Institute of Technology (HIT-K) is one of them. Kalyan Bharti Trust shares a great Indian dream - a dream of a new tomorrow where technological advancement would go hand in hand with intellectual development in laying the cornerstone of a spiritually evolved new-age Indian; one who would stand tall to face global challenges to each India’s pride in the annals of international progress.

Rahul Basak Interacting with students at Heritage Institute of Technology

Today I would like to share this news with great pride, I was invited as a SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER at Technovation of Heritage Institute of Technology. As an alumnus of this prestigious institution, it was one of the most emotional talks, I ever had with the students on stage, as well as I count this as one of my biggest honor that, I received so far. And also I would like to say something about Technovation - "Technovation is an initiative of the Department of Information Technology, Heritage Institute of Technology to nurture the budding developers with technical skills and competitiveness to prove dexterous edge over the others. Technovation is the finest platform for the ingenious minds to show their talents in the technical field and come together to put their skills to test. It is an assortment of various technological activities and literary events to honor the student’s interests, competencies, and technical skills".

Most important thing is that when this program was started, I was the photographer for this program that's why I never miss the opportunity to interact with students as a guest speaker to not just motivating them also empowered them. I'm really thankful to HIT-K for this opportunity.

It will truly be a memory of a great experience for me, in my memory lane.

Inclusion, I want to thank you Heritage Institute of Technology (HIT-K) once again from the bottom of my heart to give me such an opportunity and I wish very best all the juniors for your upcoming bright days, I’m sure you people will rock. Good luck.



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