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Guest Speaker in Pakistan's Podcast "Factory Talks" Hosted by: Muhammad Awais

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

I consider myself by receiving the invitation from different countries of the world. This is the first time, I am going to speak in Pakistan. In an amazing podcast, Factorytalks, Hosted by the founder Muhammad Awais. We are going to talk on a very lesser topic in entrepreneurship, That is on mental health! Why it is important to take care of your mental health in the path of entrepreneurship.

About Factory: A podcast of industrial leaders to know about the factory's operations & management hosted by Muhammad Awais. Let's understand how these huge factories operate and what problems they face in their routine management and operations. In this podcast, you'll learn all about Engineering, Supply chain, Marketing, Sales, and Logistics, what problems occur in the supply chain? , how to resolve supply chain management issues? etc. Similarly, in the case of engineering, we will discuss various equipment faults and their solution, especially the case studies involved in solving particular industrial plant work. Let's get ready to learn and grow. About Rahul Basak: Rahul Basak is one of the popular public speaker of India. Basak is been invited by multiple country's podcasts, this is the first time he is going to be on a Pakistan's Podcast. In the past few years Rahul was invited by more than 80 organisations to speak on entrepreneurship. Rahul Basak is a serial entrepreneur from Kolkata, India. and also considered one of the inspiring personalities of India.

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