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Guest Speaker at "Space Talk" by NASA Space App Challenge India (Organized by TAL), Kolkata 2020

Guest Speaker at “SPACE TALK”

NASA SPACE APP CHALLENGE. In india the project is leaded by Mr. Arijit Hajra (CEO, Think Again Lab).

People usually think,

Astro related studies required so many things.

Which is no doubt true!

It requires a lot of patience and a deep knowledge.

I am a Astrophotographer, by hobby.

And I was fortunate enough to get mentorship from the best minds of India, from this field.

In this esteemed talk show, I shared my journey as a Astrophotographer.

The tricks the tips and most importantly,

I answered, the very famous question,

“How to start with Astrophotography”

Although someone told me, Google Pixel is now providing a mood for that.

But I am old in this case. 😅

If you know someone who might feel interested to learn more about

Astrophotography or NASA Space App Challenge.

Do mention their names below.

And also don’t forget to tell me your story on hobbies.

Because I might not added the NASA brand with me as an astronaut but as a photographer.

So hobbies matters. 🔥

Tell me about your.

Once again my deepest thanks to the authorities for having me, Miss Naina Singh & Mr. Sayandeep Majumdar. It was an honour.

Talk Video:



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