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Guest Speaker at Kalyani Government Engineering College

The love that I have received from Kalyani Government Engineering College will be always there in my heart. First of all, Thank you very much Mr Bikash Prajapati for inviting me and making me part of you people. I’m truly honoured to be the speaker for National Entrepreneurial Challenge conducted by Iit Bombay, on behalf of KGEC E-Cell. Second, I was on stage more than one hour, but believe me you people are so so amazing that, I never felt like I was doing any hard-work. I am pretty much sure the next big entrepreneur face is there in the group pictures. My love and best wishes for you people will be always there. Again, I’m thankful to organising team for that beautiful memento, I am in love with that. I’m really excited to meet this beautiful minds again again, hopefully going to meet you guys soon.



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