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Guest Speaker at Doordarshan National (DD1), Bangla

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For the first time, I talked about my hometown #gangarampur in front of the national media, that to live! Which is none other than the iconic Doordarshan National (DD1), Bangla or ডিডি বাংলা - DD Bangla It was such a wonderful experience to share the same frame with one of my beloved teacher Chandrimaa Ma'am (Kobitay Kathalap). Ma'am thank you so much for the opportunity as well as thank you very much for taking the leads in the show. Mr. Souvik Rooj thanks for organising everything in such a manner with your great skills. Hope, we'll be meeting soon.

But, this is not the story anything related to "me". This a story of two friends, who are trying and hoping to make this world a better place for artists. The journey is same for both me and Amit because we walked together on the same path. On this journey, we are trying to build Amar Canvas® and My Canvas Talk. And, I am extremely honoured that I got the opportunity to speak about my #parents and #teachers. Whatever I said it came it from the core of my heart. And the most important part is, without the help from you people it was impossible for us to make our dreams turn into reality. Not only at the end of the day it all about your love that matter to us. #amar_canvas #mycanvastalk #rahul_basak #doordarshan_bengali

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