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Going to School, Mumbai made a Documentary on Mr. Rahul Basak's life

Trust me, Life is unpredictable. I have seen some terrible moment in life. But never thought someday any international organisation will be making a documentary on my life. Now, this is the movement when I should speak more about "me", but trust me the only thing which is coming on mind is "you". Everyone who came across my life is super important to reach this height. I may not be the hero in everyone's life but being "hero" is not always important being the stupid one is also a "teacher" of this life. Life sometimes brings us to a state, where one should feel like sharing so many things but became completely speechless., now that is exactly what is happening to me. Now I feel loved, I feel insecure at the same time. But as I always said, as long as there will be one friend standing with me I will feel like a rich. But trust me God blessed me with so many good people in my life. Amit is the person who is always a big brother and friend to me before anything else. Together we worked this journey and every night we dream for the CANVAS GROUP COMPANIES to reach the new heights. But the big point is there are so many people, now I believe they were magician or something like that, who believed on us when we did not have the capability to even trust ourselves. But, amazingly they did. The list might be a long for names but I am sure while reading this they have understood already. But above all, the man who is my regular inspiration, my father. Every day, I try to become like him, I hope he is feeling a little proud today because that will be the biggest achievement of my life. I really don't know what else I should say but, thank you and love you all. Please do share 3 min for the video, hope you all like it.

Finally my deepest thanks to Going to School, Alameeb Mediart Lab, Authority of Najrul Tirtha-New Town, Ms. Rupali Roy, Mr. Avyc Dutta (and his team) Ashok da for their kind support.

The link for the documentary is below:



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