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Featured on 98.3 Radio Mirchi Bangla with Mirchi Agni

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

It was an honor by receiving the opportunity to share our anti suicidal support initiative on WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY, with my favorite Mirchi Agni on Mirchi Bangla.

A little about the situation, according to recently published statistics around 1 student commits suicide every hour in India only. As a guest speaker to around 70 institutions nationally I always felt if there is anything I can do.

And then we together launched a nonprofit initiative with nonother then the famous anti-suicide activist Mr. Abhishek Kundu. From my website, one can directly receive help from Mr. Kundu.

It started as a project, a tribute to our favorite singer Chester Bennington.

Once again my deepest thanks to everyone who supported us in this beautiful project. And my sincere thanks to Agni da, for sharing your love and support for this project.

Hopefully, together we will serve more lives.

Here is the link for the conversation



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