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Featured in HUMANS OF TEDx community.

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"There was a time when everyone around me told me that you can not achieve anything in life.

'You are a big failure’, they said. But always have and always will believe in the saying, "Those people are the luckiest, who experience failure in their early stage of life”, also because I extremely lucky to have failed one of the biggest examinations of my life Higher Secondary (Board Exam). I failed not only in one exam, but my score in engineering was not that high also, it waspretty average. In retrospect, it all boils down to the fact that "It's okay to fail”. Today, I'm an entrepreneur, a documentary photographer and my coffee table book is going to release this year.

It's because I failed in my exam, because of that experience i never feared the word "FAIL" again.

So, I clearly remember the day when my Higher Secondary result came out, and I was stunned to see that I had failed. I came back straight to my home and told my father about that. I scored very high in the Madhyamik exam so it was hard to accept for everyone that I failed. Everyone thought that I'm going to score near 80% as I did in the 10th final exam. The hardest part was when I failed people around me starting developing a bad boy image of me in their own possible way. Some people went as far as telling me that I had cheated previously, while some others told me that I was surrounded by bad company.

However, what everyone failed to realise was, that the story was not at all like this.

The reason that I had not concentrated on my studies was that at a time when I was expected to dwell deep into the realms of academic science, I was actually interested in Literature.

Amidst this darkness, one person stood right next to me, my father. And together we came out shining to the other side.


if you're truly looking for something, don't listen to the people around you. Sometimes you'll find that a portion of your heart is also hesitating, but if you truly want that thing to happen, go for it.

M a k e it h a p p e n.”

-Rahul Basak, TEDx Speaker.

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