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Featured in Deccan Chronicle

Rahul Basak and Amit Das launched “My Canvas Talk - Virtual” in pandemic

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My Canvas Talk is one of the fastest-growing stage-based talk show from India. And this is the first stage-based talk show from the “City of Joy”, Kolkata. The main goal of this organization is to spread positive motivation and social awareness among the public via curating talk shows. My Canvas Talk is also the only talk show in the world to date to plant one tree for every one thousand views.

Rahul Basak and Amit Das are the co-founders of this uprising organization. But when the pandemic started the organization can not curate the talk in their traditional ways. So they came up with a unique approach to visit other states virtually. My Canvas Talk started choosing speakers from different states. But this famous duo of entrepreneurs comes up with an approach to invite only one speaker from a state, and in a very short time they invited seven great personalities from seven states, and the entire event happened via virtual way keeping the situation in the mind. The co-founders want to make the talk show a premium talk show for the speakers but an open platform for the audiences. Right now they are on youtube based but soon they are going to be available on all the major podcast platforms globally. In a very short period, more than 30 speakers were invited as guest speakers from different parts of India from Tollywood actors, national singers, rappers, entrepreneurs, social activists, theater artists, etc.

This initiative “My Canvas Talk - Virtual” this initiative also carries a social message under the pandemic time via the logo of this initiative taken by Rahul Basak and Amit Das they shared the message for the importance of social distancing. The logo was uniquely designed by the co-founders to spread awareness.

About the Co-founders:

Rahul Basak is the Co-founder and the Chief Editor of My Canvas Talk. Apart from that, he is also a notable face in the startup ecosystem. Rahul Basak is also a famous public speaker of India, He was invited to more than 50 organizations in past two years only.

He was invited as a keynote speaker to various national and international organizations like TEDx (3 Times), Dev Talks (Organised by Google Developers club), Josh Talks, multiple IITs, NIT, to multiple colleges in all across India. Apart from these all things he is a recognized documentary photographer, who works in the field of human psychology, Rahul also receives recognition from MTV Nescafe Lab, Adobe’s Behance, and also the winner of many state-level competitions. From international startup or business competition to art competition, Rahul was invited as a judge. He is also the host of an international podcast called “PEP Talks with Rahul”. He is also going to release his first book very soon he signed the contract with a famous Chennai-based publication house.

Amit Das is the Co-founder of My Canvas Talk. Apart from that, he is also the co-founder and chief operating officer of Amar Canvas. He is also the director of ADRB Art Private Limited and My Canvas Talk Private Limited. Amit is also a former speaker at Josh Talks and judge at International Hult Prize Organisation.



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