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Dear, 2 AM

A Photograph And A poem By Rahul Basak


Believe me!

My secrets are bigger than you think.

I have also waited for myself,

who never comes to tell me 

the words which I own.

That hand from the mirror always comes from 

that universe like me.

It has the power to grab my heart 

and take it out from the barrier of rid cage,

and I can see the blue tone in it.

The cold one. 


But that day it was like a horror movie.

The train and time both was slow or may be they become old.

That moment when my sneakers touched the platform,

I noticed a board full of faces of lost creatures .

I don't know how and why but suddenly I found,

A face.

May be more than hundred percent accurate then my original.

Night, you have been always blue and may be this is the reason,

That I vanished so easily.

That  me, from that parallel universe  is vacuuming me,

And now my sneakers are not touching the ground. And I become

The cold one.   


There is always and will be always, a another me

behind my back, running with me.

But I don't want to be touched.

Once we touched, we will become zero. 

And I know there will be absolutely no one to take the place of zero.

This is not always binary or another choice.

The rest of the poem is only known by

that star,  which I can see from my back window.

And it's 2 AM now. 



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