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Anandalok Magazine (PUJO BARSHIKI) Featured Rahul Basak

Since my childhood, this wonderful magazine has played a very important role as an audience of the entertainment industry.

So, today, in the morning when I purchased the magazine, and found myself there in the "Pujo Barshiki" (The Anual Puja Edition).

I was extremely happy and at the same time nostalgic about the old school days.

My sincere thanks to the Anandalok, editorial team for putting everything so beautifully. I do consider myself honoured to be seen in your magazine, which is the leading of entire east India and also in our Bengali language. So receiving the "First Bengali" Title from your pages is worth the hustles that we face almost every day.

I am grateful to every single people who are associated with me because being from a small town it was a dream to be featured on any leading magazine's Pujo Barshiki edition. Today it happened. So my deepest thanks to you all once again, without the love and support from you all, it would have been impossible to make it happen.

It is a privilege itself to being seen with all the #tollywood people, whom we all admire.

So don't wait for guys, go and grab your copy.



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