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2nd TEDx Talk Video is out now.

2nd TEDx (YouTube Link: Only a few people know this, at the time of my second TEDx talk, just before the day I was at Fortis Kolkata for minor surgery on my leg. But somehow after requesting doctors I moved straight to the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata to reach Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu I remember on that particular day I was even carried by a wheelchair sometimes. And that is the reason you'll find me wearing sleepers on TEDx stage (Which I have never imagined is going to happen someday). So, let's talk about the day in more details, on that particular day just before reaching there at Coimbatore few people are very much responsible for this TED talk Amit you are the backbone and the strongest pillar of everything. Rohan Bhai, when you was there at that time in the hospital your love was a very important thing for me. I literally needed approval from both of them to stand on this stage. So, definitely, I #dedicated this talk to both of them in the video itself. And Mainak and Debasish bondhu thank you very very much for sharing your support with me when I was there in the hospital. So from hospital to Chennai to Coimbatore. I'm really thankful to everyone from the TEDx SKCET for your support and love.



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