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The Judge at HULT PRIZE

Rahul Basak is the "Member of the selection committee of Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, 2019".

Personal note from Rahul Basak: It was an honor to be a judge of the Internationally Largest Student Entrepreneurship Competition, HULT PRIZE, for the on-campus zone. Along with other great personalities. More importantly, I visited my college after 2 years. So it was more of the nostalgic situation for me, that's why I personally thankful to the college organizing community for inviting me. You people have done a really great job bringing up the HAULT PRIZE FOUNDATION at THE HERITAGE. It will bring definitely more opportunity for the EASTERN INDIA student entrepreneurs.

Rahul Basak, Judge at Hault Prize

Rahul Basak judging the contest

Judges with the Organizing Committee

Receiving the token from the institute

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