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Amar Canvas® awarded as "The Best Organization Facilitating Artists"

Mr. AMIT KUMAR MAHISHYA DAS (Left) and Mr. RAHUL BASAK (Right) holding the award.

Indian Women and Youth Skills Foundation is one of the best NGO in Kolkata. Which provides education for poor children. They run various training programs to make our girl children independent in our NGO for Women's and they also provides education for underprivileged children in kolkata.

Social welfare is an important tool for redistribution, social cohesion and solidarity which has to be at the heart of any social welfare organization. We all have responsibilities towards the society because we all are social beings and are indebted to each other in various ways.

Today I would like to share this news with great pride , Recently, Amar canvas® awarded as "The Best Organization Facilitating Artists" By The Indian Women and Youth Skills Foundation. We are truly honored to receive this award from this esteemed organization and as well as Thank you for choosing us as one of the best start-up.

Before I say thank you to all ,I wanted to share a few words , Our society to a great extent was successful in implanting in the minds of the young generation that one can pursue Art as a hobby but not as a full-time profession. It was hard to see talented artist and artisan choosing another profession in order to meet their daily needs while many budding artists was facing economic hardships in their life just because they decided to follow the passion.

Then we decided to build something which will not only help to sell and receive a fair price for their products but also encourage others to confidently convert their artistic passion into a profession. And that's how Amar Canvas® journey began. Today It feels really great, we made it possible .



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